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Each lightSource image can be played at three different speeds. At normal speed (suitable for meditation) it takes about ten minutes for an image to unfold its full range. Played on the random setting, lightSource can run for almost 30 hours without seeing the same thing twice.

Click on an image to for an 800 pixel by 600 pixel view. Whatever your screen resolution/size, lightSOURCE scales to display at full screen.

Icosidodecahedron and Pentagonal Star Flower of Life with 2nd Harmonic Overlay Golden Ratio Spirals


Electromagnetic Field of the Human Merkaba Harmonics of Music with 13 Strand DNA The Endless Knot


Torus Vesica Piscis Tree of Life Superimposed with Seed of Life


Metatron's Cube Ankhs (ansate cross) and the Seed of Life Sacred Heart


The Sri Yantra


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